Mistress Damiana Chi, Ph.D.

Legendary Dominatrix, BDSM Sexologist, FemDom Educator, Founder of The Evolutionary Dominatrix™ Academy

Mistress Damiana Chi, Ph.D. is a professional and lifestyle dominatrix who has held a full-time practice for over 20 years at The Chi Temple, her elegantly-appointed BDSM studio in Los Angeles, enjoying a range of clientele and subs, from novice to seasoned. She holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, an M.A. in counseling psychology, B.A. in behavioral sciences, and is a certified sexologist, specializing in kink-centered coaching.

Mistress Damiana is the founder The Evolutionary Dominatrix™ Academy, in which she personally mentors women, in all parts of the world online, in the art of Female Domination with her self-developed psychologically-based methodology and domination framework, as well as an in-depth focus in submissive psychology. The marriage of her psychological background and passion for the BDSM arts and D/s dynamics gave birth to her evolutionary teachings, taking FemDom to a new level of excellence, connection and joy.

Mistress Damiana also offers in-person trainings, such as her signature course: The Dominatrix Archetype: A Psychological and Practical Methodology Workshop (for Academy students or accepted applicants), and The Advanced BDSM Workshop (for Academy students or alumni).

Go to www.damianachiphd.com for links to Mistress Damiana's various websites for kink-centered coaching, BDSM sessions, her "Lightworkers who play in the Dark" podcast, Patreon membership, her social network, Conscious Kink Community, and more!

Live Lecture at DomCon

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Media Interviews

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