If you are, or aspire to be, a pro or lifestyle domme of any experience level, we invite you to apply to The Evolutionary Dominatrix™ Academy!

Written Graduate Testimonials

I feel deeply honored and touched by the words on this page. They provide deep validation that I am doing powerful, meaningful and impactful work. It is from my love of the BDSM arts and belief of the preservation of the craft of Conscious FemDom that I developed this Academy, and it is my greatest honor to have the opportunity to hand this down to future generations of Dommes. If you are a program graduate and wish to submit a testimonial, I would greatly appreciate your kind contribution, and I believe that your words would help describe to others the unique transformational experience of the Evolutionary Dominatrix™ Academy.

All my love,
Mistress Damiana Chi


“It is a year ago this month that I first enrolled in the Academy. I look back on my year and I am astounded at my growth and breadth of knowledge. I had been reading books and bumping into walls. I was finding numerous weekend workshops, but nothing that was ongoing. I was eagerly searching for a Mentor to help get me on my path to become a professional Dominatrix. I found Mistress Damiana’s program through another Domme that was currently enrolled. I immediately applied. Once I was accepted and had access to the Academy program, I was really impressed by information, and just how much was made available.

The program is everything that I ever wanted: The archetypes are broken down into easy to understand modules. The videos are excellent learning tools to help you further understand what each archetype looks like. There are practical skills videos as well. The modules take time to get through, but by the end of the course, it all comes together so neatly. I have a deep understanding of the psychology and the archetypes. I understand the psychology behind numerous kinks and fetishes and how to construct a scene based on the psychology behind it.

Mistress Damiana is a true mentor, coaching and guiding me to reach my full potential. Mistress Damiana’s leadership and personal guidance have shaped me and continue to help me grow into my potential. Mistress Damiana continues to coach and guide me on my professional endeavors, and cheer me along with my future success. She is an exemplary visionary, Mentor, and truly, a legendary Dominatrix.

I love and adore the sub coaches. They devote their minds and bodies to Mistress Damiana, her program and her mentees. Their constructive feedback is so very crucial to my development in the program. I continue to have wonderful personal relationships with all of them.

There is an incredible sisterhood within the Academy of beautiful, supportive and talented Dominatrices. We provide further support to each other in a non-competitive and truly helpful environment. Mistress Damiana ensures that there are other containers for support within the Academy that are available to students: support calls and other chat groups.

The Academy has played a crucial role in my development as a Dominatrix. I feel like I have received everything that I needed to be able to take the leap and become an independent professional Dominatrix. The course keeps growing, with more information being added weekly. There is no other course out there to prepare you for the psychology that you need to incorporate during sessions.”

– Mistress Natasha, Phoenix, AZ (pro domme)


“I was new to the world of BDSM and femdom when I came across the academy. I've got to say that without the academy I would be so much further behind in my journey in female domination this course has progressed my journey by years. I noticed the difference in myself and my confidence within one week of learning of the psychology of kink, bdsm, femdom and the submissive mindset. Mistress Damiana Chi's course is world-class, there is nothing as comprehensive and extensive as this program and it's not just the learnings from her it's also from the submissive coaches whos input was a huge part of my understanding and appreciation of femdom and kink. Everything that Mistress Damiana has put together in the academy will grow you as Dominatrix whether you are lifestyle or pro, whether your experienced in the scene or new everyone has something to learn in this incredibly interesting and engaging course. I was already very comfortable with my own sexuality and my power but coming away from this course I'm even more so. I have a place of belonging as well with a community of like-minded people. Thank you Mistress for offering this incredible course and changing my life and the lives of others.”

– Mistress Monique, Victoria, Australia (lifestyle domme)


“Mistress Damiana's Academy really stood out to Me originally when She wasn't yet teaching online. I loved the psychological aspect She was teaching and the Archetypes She teaches really set Her academy apart from the rest. So I was THRILLED when I found her academy finally online and when I signed up, I had no idea how much of an impact it would have on Me.

Having the online dashboard with her teachings, as well as a wealth of information from past lessons is more than value for money. Let alone the weekly live classes with Her panel of sub coaches, where We are given the opportunity to submit questions each week and get to practise and have feedback from the sub coaches.

I have a degree in Psychotherapy in NZ and have done various online courses prior to Mistress Damianas Academy and I have no hesitation in saying this is world class. The care She has for Her Dommes is really felt - and honestly initially surprised Me. She is very passionate about what She does and it shines through in every class, consistently and professionally.

Mistress Damianas critiquing is done so compassionately and in the most encouraging way. I have never received feedback in such a positive way - and I felt for the first time in My life OK to make mistakes. Along with the sub coaches' input, all whom have very differing kinks and backgrounds offering a wealth of knowledge , it gave My learnings and understanding such a richness..... in what felt like '5D'.

The most unexpected transformation I have experienced during My learnings has been fully embodying the four Archetypes that make a great Dominatrix as part of Me as a whole. It has been THE most empowering thing I have ever done.

The thoughtfulness, the care and the compassion from Mistress Damiana is something I will cherish as Her Mentee.

I would definitely recommend Her Academy to anyone wanting a quality and supportive course, which encompasses the psychology behind the D/s dynamic and truly deepens Your Domme play.

Thank you, Mistress Damiana, I cannot express how You, Your sub coaches and Your Academy has changed My life ❤️”

– Goddess Xiah, New Zealand (pro domme)


“I have been graciously blessed with the knowledge that Mistress Damiana has passed along to her students in The Evolutionary Dominatrix Academy. This course was top notch and every woman deserves to take it. The Academy has helped me in so many aspects of both my personal and professional life. It has helped me gain my confidence back, empower me in many ways and enrich my life. I have never taken a class that was more fulfilling and so much fun. Mistress Damiana is so passionate about the Dominatrix craft and a wonderful mentor to those going through their own Domme journey. I am so proud to call her my “Domme Mother”. The Chi Temple subs are world class, they are just as passionate in helping teach this craft. It has been an honor for me to have learned from the Chi Temple subs as well; they have a wealth of knowledge to share. Mistress Damiana has created a wonderful community within her Academy. I believe her calling is to leave a legacy of the true ethical and consensual Dominatrix craft and to teach the rest of the world about what BDSM is really all about while trying to make this world a better place for all.”

My heartfelt gratitude to you always.
With much love and virtual hugs,

– Domina Flora 🌺, SF Bay Area (lifestyle domme)


“The Evolutionary Dominatrix Academy has been more than I could have ever imagined! Life changing! Mistress Damiana Chi is phenomenal and brilliant. She is very knowledgeable in her craft with a true passion for it. Certainly, a legend in the industry! Her knowledge and transparency with the students brought so much to the table. The sub coaches are the absolute best, you could not hand pick better ones. Everyone in the Academy shared so much valuable information and being so open brought so much knowledge, information, help, answers, and guidance.

Without the Academy I don’t know that I would have had the confidence to put Myself out there to start advertising and taking on clients as a Professional Dominatrix. When I decided I wanted to go Pro I knew I needed help transforming Myself into the best Pro Dominatrix I could be as well as focusing on proper practice/training and safety. Verbal was always a bit lacking for Me and I was so happy to find that the Academy had sections solely focused on verbal skills and language. Through guidance from the Academy, putting together scenes and the flow of scenes became so much easier for Me instead of struggling with what to do or where to go next. My skills and arsenal grew tremendously and I found new love for things I may not have found without the Academy. Whether the goal is Pro, Lifestyle or just Empowerment as a Woman, The Evolutionary Dominatrix Academy is a must!! It is not just a course to learn from, it is a FAMILY with so much support it will blow your mind!

With Love and Many Thanks!”

– Mistress Lizbeth St. Jade, Detroit Area, MI (pro domme)


“To be perfectly honest, it has taken me months to write this review of the Academy because it is incredibly difficult to put into words the impact the Academy has had in my life over the course of the last year. Looking back on my experience with the Academy, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I was honored to have been accepted into the Academy, and now having graduated - I hold that honor in higher reverence.

Mistress Damiana holds an immense depth and breadth of knowledge, and the beautiful desire to share that knowledge. The thoughtful course structure created by Mistress Damiana provides a strong foundation to grow alongside each of the weekly coaching calls. She has taken an incredible amount of knowledge and has distilled it down in a way that is manageable and memorable, communicating both the craft and art form of becoming and growing as a Dominatrix.

One of the most unique experiences of the Academy was the opportunity to learn from the sub coaches. The direct feedback was incredibly valuable - I am so grateful for the trust and vulnerability the subs extended throughout the entire course. This course would not be the same without their contributions.

The course also would not be the same without the amazing community that Mistress Damiana has curated. I felt so incredibly alone not only in my search for knowledge, but also in finding a space where I felt like I belonged and could show my true full self before I found the Academy. Mistress Damiana has created a beautiful space for community - for each of us to express ourselves and be vulnerable throughout our learning experience.

The Evolutionary Dominatrix Academy is ever-changing, ever-growing. Mistress Damiana continues to respond to the changing landscape of our world and the BDSM community with compassion, creativity, and hope. To have been accepted into her community is an honor, one that changed the course of my life in absolutely wonderful ways.

In short, I can’t recommend The Evolutionary Academy enough. You will get more than you bargained for, in the best way imaginable.”

– Duchess Amanda De LoreRein, Boulder, CO (pro domme)


“I never knew I could ACTUALLY become a dominatrix. Being introduced to BDSM as a sub I was excited and so fascinated but was never fully satisfied, there was always a deeper fire with in me. The academy validated that fire. After the first class I sat crying in my kitchen - tears of pure joy. It was like I finally came home to myself. The academy offers more than the immense education delivered in such an easy to digest way. Growing as a women and watching my fellow domme sisters grow as women stepping into their divine femininity was so rewarding. The support from the amazing sub coaches is truly priceless.

Taking this course was the best gift I’ve given myself. I have deep meaningful connections with all my subs. Ive developed a domination style that feels so natural to me . I have a community of never ending support of bad ass women from all over the world. I’ve taken leaps and bounds in my personal and freelance life.

The fire is burning bright with in me. Excited to continue my education with Mistress Damiana.”

– Mistress Luna, Los Angeles, CA (pro domme)


“As a business woman, sex coach, thought-leader, and lightworker, I searched for a Pro Domme for over a year that teaches practical skills of FemDom, but mostly as a psychological training to access and channel my personal power that includes sexual and feminine power. I found that the philosophy of the Academy being 1) the Domination is 80% psychological and 2) practical skills can be learned/practiced locally with online help and resources, I jumped right into it, despite my very limited experience in BDSM. Re my desire to master my personal power that include my sexual and feminine powers; I was born full of masculine and dominant powers and exercise them well in my life, but I knew I was leaving a lot on the table by not using my sexual and feminine power. Nobody seems to know or demonstrate how to use them nor teach them so that I can use them consciously and ethically at will, in any personal and professional (as in business) situations, because those powers are deeply buried under the shame, fear, and the conditioning that have taught women to suppress and hide them. Evolutionary Dominatrix Academy was exactly the place I wanted to practice and embody those powers I have. The Academy has a safe, consensual playground environment where students can embody those suppressed aspects of ourselves, which was so incredibly valuable and special. Mistress Damiana is a great teacher and mentor, and each of the submissive coaches are such incredible human beings and I learned so much from them too, in addition to getting to know them as beautiful human beings. The bonus and significant learning from the Academy was that I learned to appreciate, accept and celebrate uniqueness of each individual as well as unique beauty in the expression of love, no matter how "non-vanilla" it may be. I am so grateful for my experience at the Academy and the community of conscious people that I am now a part of. Thank you!”

– Mistress Mariko, Washington, DC (lifestyle domme)


The Evolutionary Dominatrix Academy has given me a new leash on life.

“When I first logged into Mistress Damiana Chi's Evolutionary Dominatrix Academy, I had no idea what to expect. I was a complete novice when it came to kink and BDSM, I was honestly terrified of everything. But since Mistress Damiana welcomed me with open arms, she has completely transformed my life. In just a few short months, she helped me express my sexuality more freely than ever before, and become more confident and powerful than I ever imagined possible. The Academy isn't just another basic skills workshop, it's a crash course in human psychology. As a chronically understimulated autistic non-binary trans womxn of color, with ADHD, fully embracing my Domme-self has also made the "vanilla" world more palatable and interesting. Commanding respect everywhere I go is now second nature to me, whether I am in the dungeon or in line at the DMV, people just don't fuck with me anymore. If you're considering enrolling in the Academy, don't hesitate - it WILL change your life!”

-The Strange Case of Doctress Magna Turning & Mistress Persephone Rose, ADHD, Los Angeles, CA (lifestyle domme) Founder of The Institute of Trans Sexuality & Culture; Impending Sovereign Supreme of the Transcendent World Order


“There isn't enough time in the day for me to explain all the ways in which Mistress Damiana, Her Academy, and Her sub coaches, have all changed my life. As someone who has struggled their entire life to find their voice, I feel Mistress Damiana has lit the way for me to finally walk the path to becoming the woman I've always longed to be - confident, commanding, and sexually empowered; with two feet standing securely on the ground, unafraid of saying what I want. For years, I felt I had something inside of me, waiting to be brought to the surface, but I lacked the confidence, the information, the safe space and the support to explore these hidden parts of myself. Mistress Damiana and Her Academy provide all of this, and more. I went into the Academy simply as an experiment with self-exploration, and I came out not only as a working Professional Dominatrix, but with skills to improve my life in all facets, and some of the best friendships and connections I've made in my adult life. I could not imagine trying to navigate this path without the wisdom and guidance of Mistress Damiana and her team - I feel honored to be a part of Her legacy, as She is creating something extraordinary here that will change the lives of so many people, and improve the BDSM community as a whole as well. Thank you Mistress Damiana, for everything You do!”

– Mistress Dida Fox, San Diego, CA (pro domme)


“I am a psychologist from Australia and work in private practice in two major rural centres. I have a background which includes psychology, sociology, anthropology, art, education and neuroscience. My main professional focus at present is working with those recovering from Trauma. I approach psychology from a developmental perspective and believe strongly in lifelong learning. My primary area of interest from a personal perspective is in the exploration of Consciousness and “Non-Ordinary States”. This exploration has taken me to investigation of sexuality and the dynamics of Dominance and Submission as a means of accessing and exploring further Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness. I am very honoured to have been accepted into Mistress Damiana Chi’s Academy. The academy has offered me unparalleled opportunity for expert guidance and development of my skills and knowledge within the FemDom archetypes, as elucidated by Mistress Damiana Chi. I am also humbled to be included within this awesome community as I am nurtured within in order to grow and develop my skills.”

– Goddess Circe, Lismore, Australia (lifestyle domme)


"I feel so honored to be a graduate of Mistress Damiana's Evolutionary Dominatrix Academy™! It has been a deeply transformational experience for myself.

In the academy, Mistress Damiana shares her in-depth knowledge of the psychology of the D/s dynamic and guides her students to fully embody their inner Dominatrices through exercises and practice with feedback from herself and submissive coaches. Going through this process and developing the Dominatrix side of myself has led me to become what I feel is a much more complete and powerful version of myself, and what I learned in the academy continues to have a positive effect on my development as a Dominatrix and on my personal life in multiple ways. I am also extremely grateful for the supportive community I found within the academy that feels like family."

– Goddess Eris, New York, NY (pro domme)


“I joined Mistress Damiana’s academy December of 2020. I learned a lot about myself during her classes. Before I attended The Evolutionary Dominatrix Academy I found it very hard to have deep personal relationships. I attribute this issue as an imbalance of my archetypes. During the Academy, I had a lot of shame to deal with. It was hard for me to accept myself. Toward the middle of the academy I found my real power in creating a Self discipline of personal boundaries and protocols. Today.. I am a very present and conscious light worker creating a safe, sane and ethical space full of consent! Because of Mistress Damiana’s creation and depth I am Miss Sonja! If there is a message that I can pass along to anyone new to the world of taking their power, my advice.. don’t give up on you. The future you deserves to get passed the current confidence blocks and explore the well balanced Queen you are destined to be. Attend the fish bowls, if you have trouble being present in them and experience the feelings I did, shyness, fear, shame.. then re watch the recorded fish bowls and live vicariously through the courage of those who showed up.. Please, if you are here.. JOIN… if you are wrapped up in shameful feelings stay present and keep in mind that the art of evolution is a slow and beautiful process.” – Miss Sonja


“As a budding Dominatrix with aspirations to go pro, I am always seeking opportunities for further training and education. Most of my previous Domme training only focused on the development of practical skills such as impact and bondage, with little attention given to the role of psychology in D/s relationships and its importance. Because the Academy’s curriculum is rooted in psychology, I was able to hone my mental domination skills.

The choice to become a student of the Academy was one of the most empowering decisions I have ever made. My presence both inside and outside of the dungeon is more commanding and I now carry myself with confidence and poise.

Every woman needs to take this course!”

Kind regards, Domina Péridôt, New York NY (pro domme)


“Through the Academy, Mistress Damiana Chi had curated more than an educational space. The Academy is a hand selected family. I don't use that term lightly. For years I had been seeking more authentic connections to people, to find a place I belong. Mistress Damiana Chi and her coaches offer a warm, welcoming environment to provide a holistic learning experience. I encourage anyone who feels called to FemDomme to apply here.”

Thank you, – Dea Starbabe, Seattle, WA (lifestyle domme)


"My whole life, I struggled with embracing femininity, as I associated it with weakness and behaving in a way that was superficial. The Academy changed my perspective and now I fully embrace my femininity as a source of power, joy, and deep connection with others. My estrogen levels more than tripled during my time during the program!"

– Saira, Boston, MA (lifestyle domme)


“Being a professional dominatrix, I can testify that this course was truly transformational for me! It will transform you as a domme, giving you very practical psychological knowledge about a dominatrix persona and submissives’ behavior & needs. It will transform your carrier – your clients will be more satisfied, happy, devoted to you, your retention rate will grow and your income will multiply. But most importantly it will give you the highest confidence that what you are doing is right, you will know exactly what, how, when & why to say or do. You will not find this information anywhere, and the teaching process is unique and efficient. Do not hesitate, that will be your best investment in your career!”

– Mistress Elena, Lisbon, Portugal (pro domme)

“I'm so extremely excited and proud to announce my dominatrix skills are now officially certified by Mistress Damiana Chi!

Exactly one year ago I participated in a free workshop where Mistress Damiana presented her Dominatrix Academy and her approach to teaching female domination skills. I was so much fascinated by this very clear and structured course, with the main focus on femdom and sub psychology, something that no one is teaching so deeply. I had already been on different workshops and courses before to understand that technical skills do not mean anything without a psychological background.

I immediately understood I needed this course and exactly what I needed at that point of my domme journey. It was expensive, for an Eastern European migrant living in a small country in Europe. But a miracle occurred and the universe sent me money for the 1st month, so I got a confirmation that was destined for me.

Now a year has passed, and what a year it was! The course gave me everything I expected from it and much, much more! I got the knowledge and skills unbelievably profound and unique; I got a mentor (the best domme mentor in the world); I met amazing people - sub coaches, domme sisters, clients, friends. My hobby turned into my profession, (least boring job in the world!), money I paid for the course paid out very quickly. Now I myself enjoy teaching people, feeling empowered to bring this knowledge to others.

And most importantly, I feel how much value I brought to my clients, seeing their happy faces, hearing their gratitude words every day and feeling they are finally accepting their kinky side and enjoying it.

I can't find words of gratitude for this amazing course to Mistress Damiana and her team, as well as to all my fellow dommes that I was learning from (and still learning!), you are all beautiful, unique, brilliant, you are my Family. Looking forward now to the Advanced course next year, and hope to see you all in person one day! Love you all!”

– Mistress Elena, Lisbon, Portugal (pro domme)


“The Academy has been a significant impact on me both personally and professionally. I had felt out of congruence with a deep part of myself in navigating, expressing and connecting with others which I was able to realize and begin to enjoy finally embodying through the help of the found family in the Academy. Also, in my practice as a Sex & Intimacy Coach, I have gained much more insight and experience to share with my clients, enhancing my skillset so I am able to offer more as an educator and coach in this world. Mistress Damiana Chi and the sub coaches have made and continue to make a warm and powerful impact on me on many levels.

With Pleasure,” – Irreverent Femme, Los Angeles, CA (lifestyle domme)


“First off, Mistress Damiana herself is an upstanding and generous person. Her mission to educate on the art of femdom is just a fraction of her greater calling to create a Conscious Kink Community rooted in ethical BDSM. The Evolutionary Dominatrix Academy not only provides practical skills for womxn identifying individuals but allows womxn to find their inner power whether professionally or personally. As an early mentee of Mistress Damiana, I can attest to the confidence her course has provided in starting my career as a professional Dominatrix. I, in fact, started my professional practice months before I expected. Mistress Damiana's practice based on the psychological aspect of BDSM and understanding the submissive mindset is unlike any other I have found. Her breadth of knowledge and genuine passion to divulge her experiences from her 20 years of practice is a trove for both beginners and long-time practitioners/players. Mistress Damiana brilliantly structures the course making it accessible to any type of learner whether auditory, visual, reading and writing or kinesthetic. The online portion allows you to work at your own pace while the group video calls provide real-time practice. The weekly video calls were one of the most valuable assets providing live examples, peer learning, and active dialogues between Mistress Damiana, her subs, and other Dominatrices. I am so grateful that I joined the Academy because now have an irreplaceable community of friends I can always call upon and grow with.”

Truly, – Mistress Gemma Li, Denver, CO (pro domme)


“It is important to surround oneself with people who genuinely care about you and want you to win.

Well, during the pandemic an opportunity was presented to me to elevate my ministry. Yes, I’m a pastor and an Erogenous Coach. Whelp, I saw a post from Mistress Damiana Chi offering an opportunity for a certification under her Academy. This is an opportunity that has come full circle, because I met Mistress Chi in another certification course. And always wanted to take her course.

While the pandemic grounded everyone and everything, it gave me the freedom to soar, find an energy that was lying dormant, but now I am ascending through the roof. It enhanced me to become a better coach, a better parent, a better lover and a more understanding person. Especially when meeting my clients needs and desires.

I will continue my education with Mistress Damiana Chi; to keep my skills sharp and to continue to make a major impact in my clients LIVES!

One of the BEST investments EVER and Forever Grateful!”

– Queen Lexxxi, DMV area, MD (lifestyle domme)


“The Academy is a privilege and honor to be a part of. Mistress Damiana’s program is highly structured and deeply comprehensive, and provides invaluable insight and knowledge for the budding or experienced Domme. The wealth of knowledge, experience and community within the Academy is absolutely priceless. I am so grateful for Mistress Damiana, her guidance, and commitment to growth of the FemDom Community.”

– Domina Ara Lee, Los Angeles, CA (pro domme)


“The Evolutionarily Dominatrix Academy is hands-down the best gift I have ever given myself. I learned so much about the fundamentals of BDSM and of course how to be a world-class dominatrix, but beyond that I reclaimed a piece of myself in the academy.

Through not just the amazing content in the course, but the powerful mentorship and loving community as well, I gained a level of confidence and freedom to be my full kinky wild badass self. The training healed so many aspects of my soul! I am now more fully self expressed in so many areas of my life, not just in my work as a Domme.

And the most amazing part perhaps is that this is just the beginning! I feel that so many seeds were planted that are now blossoming in fun and surprising ways. Magical!”

– Mistress Chloe Stryker, SF Bay Area (pro domme)


“I absolutely loved being a part of the Academy from the start. I truly learned so much about myself and how to step into my feminine strength on a deeper level. Not to mention the strong sisterhood and in-depth personalized coaching and care that Mistress Damiana has attentively and beautifully fostered and created throughout, making this a unique and one of a kind experience that will stay with you. The sub coaches also offer so much value, support, and insight that will inspire you in so many different ways. To be a part of the Academy is to be a part of a larger cause towards deeper connection and understanding of self and others, as well as a part of a true strong female movement and community.”

– Lady Scarlet, Los Angeles, CA (lifestyle domme)


“I started taking Damianas classes in 2017.I can never get enough education on this subject. Over the years Damiana came up w/ a very comprehensive, well structured, super informative course designed to make anyone feel comfortable and confident in a dominate(lifestyle)/dominatrix(professional)role. Everyone is super supportive and the exercise of performing each archetype invaluable.

Damina Chi really has a way of pointing out the subtle nuances of the various archetypes that really helped me define the roles and hone my craft. The open format of live examples and critiques from so many wonderful people really helped emphasize many details that are typically lost unless you use this formula .The Chi Temple subs coaches are amazing! They provide good honest feedback and often pointed out details I had not paid attention to. It was a treat to work with them and the way they engaged was always very supportive.

I’am eternally grateful for all the love (and this course is pure love) and support.I usually dip out of things like this because I don’t want to have to ask for so much support.I know I have challenges but I never want to make it anyone else’s problem.This is sooo much more then a class.Words really can’t embody the spirit in which this really takes place.It’s more like a journey.(to the core of you)I don’t often over emote or go on but I most certainly can here.

You'll come away with a new family and support system for life. If you are even thinking about being a professional dominatrix;This is the class for you!Always go to classes!Our amazing educators are invaluable!Thank you Damiana!!🖤💙🖤

Much love and Respect”

Hugs & Bruises, Goddess Styx, San Diego, CA (pro domme)


"Dear Mistress Damiana ~



Coming from decades of study with master teachers in many different disciplines, I am aware that the empowerment that passes from a master to their students happens not just in the words they say, but in the energy they transmit through presence and example. I definitely had that experience in working with Mistress Damiana Chi. The insights I received about myself and the practice of FemDom during and after The Dominatrix Archetype™ Workshop were deep and lasting. I experienced over the course of the weekend how this art form has the potential to accelerate and deepen the development of wisdom, compassion and love, and I understood the profound emotional and psychological healing potential for Dommes and subs who practice according to Mistress Damiana's specific guidance. At the same time, the learning was thought-provoking, creative, joyful and fun. Such a full-spectrum transmission! I didn’t just get to know a new aspect of myself — I felt more complete in the totality of myself after this workshop, with more clarity and intention to express my own needs, power, and desires. What a priceless gift!

Domme Devi , Los Angeles, CA


Thank you for being a very bright light in a world full of darkness. All of what you choose to do ~ the academy, sessions with clients, your relationship with your submissives ~ all comes from this center point. You emanate peace and love, and walk through this niche world of BDSM with a higher purpose.

My sojourn into this milieu began with a friend who told me I was a natural dominant. (He is now my long-distance slave.) He took my hand and walked me, step-by-step, into this world. I stumbled and fell, more times than I can count; yet, he continued to gently guide me in the right direction, encouraging me to find training in the true art form.

Throughout, I read and studied and explored my dominant nature. I now understand its origin and how much it is a part of me ~ to my core ~ and how much it was buried deeply under societal norms.

When I saw your announcement for the academy, I jumped at it without hesitation. There was no second-guessing. No equivocation. Within the academy, you teach the true art form my slave has been so eager for me to learn. When I read your words in the first presentation — “We are light workers who work in the dark.” — I knew I was in the right class, with the right people, at the right time. I belong here, in this academy, and in this very special world.

You are a gift. Your academy is a gift. Each of your submissives is a gift. Thank you for sharing your rays of light.

For me, this art is akin to a spiritual practice. A submissive with the courage to come forward is to be honored, cherished, and radically embraced. Not tolerated. Not accepted. Radically embraced. In equal measure, for me to radically embrace my dominance, I must allow myself the same courtesy, and honor and cherish my core dominant nature.

While I have not yet been able to attend the live class (privacy issues), I have watched each of the presentations, interviews, and class recordings (some, multiple times). I know all of you very well, but you don’t know me. It’s quite the lop-sided relationship! I am attempting to rectify this by speaking directly with each one of the submissives, getting to know each, and from whence the joy in submissiveness emanates.

Please know how much you are appreciated. My lack of participation is not a reflection of my dedication to the academy. I’m the student who sits in the back of the class, taking it all in, until that time when I feel I know enough to speak. I will try to attend live as much as possible, even though I cannot participate.

Returning to the dance analogy from my application: this course is learning new choreography. Or, maybe a better analogy would be moving from a career at the American Ballet Theatre to Martha Graham or Alvin Ailey. I know how to dance. Now, it is time to break out of the ballerina mold and embrace a new, dynamic, expressive genre."

With much love and gratitude,
Mistress Laura, OH


"Dear Mistress Damiana Chi,

I cannot thank you and your subs enough for offering this workshop. The opportunity to learn some information about the psychology of the submissive male, dominant female archetypes and most importantly, the opportunity to practice in a safe environment has been a game changer for me and my partner.

As a (formerly) frustrated lifestyle dominant, I struggled to learn and apply skills that consistently allowed me to manifest the dominant headspace I desired - on demand. My sub could at times be quite unruly. Your seminar taught me to apply a few simple techniques to gain dominance over my sub. I immediately applied these techniques post seminar with nearly immediate effect. I have a greater focus on what I want from my sub and now feel less stressed, I can just relax and be in charge of her.

Two days after the seminar, my partner/sub had been unruly and bratty. I was really becoming frustrated but instead of staying frustrated, I called up Mother and Authoritarian aspects of my Dominant Persona and liberally applied my hairbrush to his bare bottom. Within an hour, I had completely turned the tables on my brat and force feminized her back into a more appropriate, subdued, and respectful mindset and appearance. It was so much fun!

I was able to call up each of the archetypes in turn to gain control of My House. I re-established House Rules (wearing a House Uniform, proper forms of address, grooming and other details). As W/we progressed through the week, I implemented new presentation poses for her to learn. I forbade all masculine clothing and required that she keep these undesireable items in my closet and restricted her access to them. she is now in slave training. I am working on hypno, trance and imprinting. These were techniques I had been working on, but with limited success because of my own reluctance and concerns. The information that I am learning about the submissive male from this seminar has allowed me the freedom to explore and get out of my own way. I feel more creative and energized as a Dominant. I am very much interested in learning more about the psychological aspects of male submission and will continue to practice what I've learned and apply my own creative ideas as I practice.

I am eager to learn more from you and will look for future seminars. I am particularly interested in erotic hypnosis and other types of mental domination, sissification, FemDom, etc.

Thank you again and again for sharing your wisdom, skills and your subs!”

Warm regards, ~ Miss Tish,


"I discovered Mistress Damiana’s Dominatrix Archetype Workshop online as I was searching for a mentor to assist in my transition into becoming a Pro Domme. Mistress Damiana’s professional demeanor, credentials and experience confirmed my desire to attend the workshop.

From the onset of our first day, it was evident that Mistress Damiana is a charismatic, highly intelligent and encouraging woman with a gracious energy and passion for her craft. Her meticulous attention to detail and supportive nature were demonstrated throughout the course as she continually engaged with everyone to ensure all group members had opportunity to participate and felt safe and inspired to do so for the duration of the weekend.

The workshop is perfectly organized with a balance theoretical knowledge, practical skills, engaging live demonstrations and individual practice with live submissive participants and helpful feedback. The members of our group were positive, encouraging and provided insightful comments and discussion throughout. Mistress Damiana has designed the course with consideration of all learning styles so that it can benefit everyone who has the desire to deepen their knowledge of BDSM.

One of the most powerful aspects of the experience was witnessing the deep admiration and sincere respect that each of our group members have for each other. Mistress Damiana and the Chi Temple submissives’ established dynamic most certainly contributed to this energy which created a non judgemental, progressive environment for everyone. The diversity of our group members experiences gave an amazing opportunity for perspective and I feel that it enhanced the learning opportunities beyond the course material. It was incredibly beautiful to be a part of everyone sharing their personal stories of their journeys of navigating life with the kink lifestyle. This openness enabled us to connect and served to strengthen our peer communication.

The Chi Temple submissives that were chosen by Mistress Damiana to assist us were absolutely first class, experienced and exemplary model subs. Their dedication, commitment, and continued support in our growth as Dominants is amazingly kind and admirable. It was a pleasure and privilege to work together. This served as another testament to the care that Mistress Damiana has taken to ensure the quality of our education.

Overall, I felt that the value of the D.A. Workshop far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend this workshop with confidence to anyone with an inclination or curiosity about becoming a Dominatrix. I look forward to the advanced workshop in the future and in the interim will continue to practice the skills learned in this workshop.

Thank you Mistress Damiana!"

~ Miss Eva Violet, Vancouver, BC, Canada


"If you have reservations about taking the Dominatrix Archetype Workshop, TAKE IT! I am new to the world of Dominatrix/ BDSM and had doubts about taking a ZOOM workshop online about this subject. To be honest, I was a little intimidated at first but within 10 minutes into the workshop I felt safe, welcomed and inspired by Mistress Damiana. She is very knowledgable in her craft and passionate at what she does.

Working with the Chi Temple Subs was such a pleasure, they truly are an amazing group of people. I love how engaged they all were, they gave honest feedback and made me feel very comfortable. It was such a treat to see their love and devotion not only for Mistress Damiana but also their role and contribution to the workshop. It was an honor to be able to interact with them.

Thank you Mistress Damiana for helping me embrace my inner Domme, giving me that extra boost of confidence and for such a wonderful and insightful experience. I enjoyed it so much I already signed up for one of the future in-person workshops and have recommended the DA Workshop to a few of my friends."

~ Domina Flora, Bay Area, CA


"Hello Mistress Damiana,

Your workshop gave me a lot to think about over the last week. I wanted to tell you what a great experience I had from the Dominatrix Archetype Workshop. I didn't anticipate such opportunities for feedback, practice and watching live examples - this helped me tremendously. I really enjoyed everything. I took the opportunity to put some of the things you talked about and taught to use and found myself having a wonderful and empowering scene with my sub. I wouldn't have had that confidence without you and your workshop. You have given me a lot to strive towards and the feedback provided by everyone still rings in my ears as a reminder I can do better to be unforgivingly accepting of the dominant woman I know I am. I hope in the future as things settle down I can come out to California for more advanced training with you. You created a very welcoming and encouraging environment. Thank you for making this workshop available online - it has given me a lot to look forward to during hard times. I wanted to take a moment to let you know every one of your slaves was so wonderfully friendly and kind. They played a crucial role in the workshop. Each of them gave incredible personal insight into their own submissive experience that I'm sure I wouldn't have had that opportunity otherwise. please make it known I thank them for their willingness to share and be vulnerable. I don't take that lightly and it means a lot coming from someone very inexperienced.

Lastly, I've provided a testimonial for you below:

The Dominatrix Archetype Workshop is unlike anything else I have found on the internet as far as being a comprehensive breakdown of what a dominatrix is made up of. It's 70 percent domination and 30 percent physical skill or ability. Other online classes would have you believe domination is the opposite of that. What initially drew me to this workshop is the 20+ years of experience as a professional and knowledge from Mistress Damiana's advanced degree offer a unique and valuable perspective you cannot find elsewhere. Her workshop is thorough, engaging, insightful and interesting. In the sea of classes available online if you truly want to understand what a dominatrix is, this is a workshop you should take. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of organization and structure. I highly recommend anyone work with Mistress Damiana if you seek authenticity.

Thank you for everything. I hope to stay in touch."


Mistress Sai, St Louis, MO


"To anybody on the fence about taking Mistress Damiana Chi Dominatrix Archetype workshop do it! I learned so much in the two day Zoom workshop. So much material was presented but it was not overwhelming. Learning the differences between all the archetypes has helped me learn how to be a better dominatrix. I had pretty much stereotyped myself into one of the archetypes. I got out of my comfort zone and tried on all the archetypes and surprised myself in finding out I was quite good at another one. If Mistress Damiana hadn’t pushed me I don’t think I would have ever tried/thought I could fall into that archetype. Always be willing to learn! Mistress and her subs gave so much to us as students. I will be forever grateful this experience."

~ Mrs. Sharpe, Aurora, CO


'I'll admit it... I was a little hesitant to commit to an online workshop on BDSM. Surely such a deeply personal subject would best be handled in the flesh? The way Mistress Damiana has structured the course, with a deep dive into each archetype paired with practical demonstrations and student participation really brought the content to life. Her professionalism, commitment to BDSM as an artform and focus on psychology elevate the course and attract a high calibre of students who brought so much openness and honesty to the discussions and practice. The participation of Mistress Damiana’s subs was an absolute highlight. Not only are their insights essential to understanding the sub mindset; their vulnerability, humour and candid feedback throughout the entire weekend was phenomenal and I am so grateful that Mistress Damiana has crafted the course to place her subs at the heart of this experience."

~ Mademois Elle, Los Angeles, CA


"Dear Mistress Damiana,

What an absolute pleasure it was for me to open my psyche to the archetype of the Dominatrix in all it's splendor. I am in awe of the dedication you show to your craft and the familial experience I had with yourself, your subs, and the other men and women that took part in the weekend. I truly felt able to 'drop-in' and immerse myself in the energy of your work. The information in your presentation was clear and concise. The time you took to speak with me before the course, and the patience and feedback you offered throughout the weekend was above par. I want to thank each of your submissives individually for their openness, vulnerability, and patience. The feedback they provided was thoughtful, kind, and illuminating, even to a domme neophyte like myself. ;) I do hope to keep in touch and perhaps exercise my 'Queen' in a proper dungeon someday. Should I get out to LA, I will be sure to look you up and take an in-person course."

Very truly yours,

~ Mistress Victoria, New York, NY


"Mistress Chi,

I wanted to express my deep and heartfelt gratitude for the online workshop this past weekend. It was a transformative learning experience and has led me to more fully embrace my inner and outer Domme. You have bestowed upon me a great gift and I will treasure it as I journey further into this developing this passion professionally. I appreciated having access to your brilliant mind, your commanding presence, and your lovely subs. I feel like I now have the intellectual understanding of the Dominatrix Archetypes as well the opportunity to explore how to embody these divine feminine energies through intentional practice with my sub and your subs virtually during the workshop. The feedback I received was invaluable and I have been able to hone my craft due to the thoughtful and loving words from you and your subs. I will carry this class in my heart and look forward to continuing to connect with you."

Until we meet again,

~ Miss Majesty, Washington, DC


"Mistress Damiana is a gracious, insightful, and skillful teacher. Her vast knowledge of psychology and her passion for BDSM is evident. It was her educational background and years in the profession that attracted me to her coaching offerings and lead me to this workshop. She clearly developed a unique dominatrix program that is highly comprehensive and includes both instructional and practical education. This immersive (online Zoom) workshop was attended by a variety of students that ranged from novice BDSM lifestylers to pre-professional dominatrixes of all ages and backgrounds. It was clear that each one of us gained deeper knowledge and understanding of BDSM and greater appreciation for the dominatrix art form. It was particularly helpful to hear the feedback from Mistress Damiana's submissives. They were extremely kind, thoughtful, and engaging. Additionally, they were so willing to offer their deep feelings on what BDSM means to them and how it makes them feel. They added an invaluable component to the coursework and practical skills demonstrations. If you want to go pro or just want to explore this side of yourself with a partner, please consider taking this workshop. You will learn an extraordinary amount of valuable information and practical skills training during this weekend workshop. I look forward to continued professional coaching with Mistress Damiana."

~ Lady Desiree, Boston, MA


"What an amazing and transformative experience. I attended the virtual DA workshop this weekend and am so incredibly grateful. Mistress Damiana is an incredibly gifted instructor and an overall magnetic and inspiring woman. Although the format of this debut virtual workshop was online, she was able to guide through the coursework and demonstrations with grace. I found this experience to be profoundly resonant with me, as it covered not only the technical and practical skills necessary for successful and healthy Domination, but psychological and professional insights as well. Mistress Damiana also included a very special group of her submissives in the workshop. I found their presence, attention, and input to be incredibly helpful and perceptive. I was able to get a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter and see the concepts executed out through effective demonstrations. This was a powerful and inspirational experience that provided me with confidence, direction and clarity on how to become a better Dominatrix, and I highly recommend it to all people who are looking to grow their psychological understanding of this artform."

~ Domina Ara Lee, Orange, CA


"Mistress Damiana, I wanted to take the time to say thank you for such a great workshop this past weekend! Let's say I was definitely on a high and it's taken me two days to digest. I am grateful that you have taken your Archetype class and offered it on Zoom. I felt that it was a great intro and less intimidating if I was to be thrown into the physical class right away. The group was absolutely wonderful as well. It was such a great value to also have inputs from your subs. They offered extra layers to the workshop along with your wealth of knowledge and experience. The pacing and flow was fluid that worked for the energy and dynamics of the group. I also enjoyed the last 30 minute demo because it weaved all the points we have learnt. I definitely have a deeper understanding of the D/S relationship and still a whole ocean more to learn. I will definitely be looking at attending an in person workshop as well as checking out the online resources. Thank you!"

~ Empress Amory, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China


"In the modern world, the D/s dynamic of BDSM has had its essence diluted down by media misrepresentations and people chasing a quick thrill or buck. What Mistress Damiana Chi teaches delves deep beneath the surface veneer of whips and chains and gets to the fundamental essence that makes domination a true art form.

Over the course of the weekend we explored all the rich nuances of each archetype that compose the dominatrix, coming to understand how each of these facilitate connection between the Dominant and submissive and usher the potent altered state of both dominance and submission. Damiana’s thorough academic and intuitive understanding of the human psyche was so evident and enriched the teachings. What I really appreciated was the integration of the lessons through the practical components, made possible by Damiana’s incredibly knowledgeable, encouraging and reflective slaves.

The environment created by Damiana is a safe and supportive container conducive for growth. The experience felt more than just a workshop it was a transformative journey shared by all. I would recommend the intensive to any woman feeling the call to discover unexpressed parts of her dominant self, whether a newbie to the scene, lifestyle player or professional Dominatrix. My craft as a Dominatrix has been ever-changed, all the more deep, sacred and powerful having met Damiana."

With love & admiration,

~ Mistress Violet Night, Los Angeles, CA


"As soon as I saw the course I jumped at it and secured my place straight away; I'm a bit of a workshop snob and I know a valuable course when I see one. After following Damiana online for a little while and noticing her focus on the psychological intricacies of Dominance & submission and the deep understanding she has, I knew I wanted to learn from her specifically. The Dominatrix Archetype workshop was absolutely outstanding and jam packed with sinister goodness. Damiana has a wealth of knowledge that she loves to share for the betterment of our kink community and while she makes an incredibly ruthless Domme, she is also so very kind, generous and approachable. Not only did I love learning from Damiana herself, but her wonderful 'stable of subs' were also so sincerely generous with their knowledge, time and feedback. I truly relished in the content, experience and connections made over the weekend and I'm looking forward to studying further at the Chi Temple."

~ Mistress Muse, Los Angeles, CA


"After an intensive weekend spent at The Chi Temple I can gladly call Mistress Damiana my mentor and I'm able to introduce myself as Mistress Ruby. I'm originally from Spain but I've been living in London for over 10 years now. When I found out that Damiana's workshop was happening on the last weekend of the holiday I had planned in LA I did not hesitate to book it. Destiny I guess? I'd like to think so. Ever since I came out of my kinky shell, the psychology behind BDSM has been always what kept me intrigued and fascinated. The more I was digging and learning about it, the more I wanted to know and this is what lead me to take a step further into becoming a Dominatrix. The moment I found Damiana's profile and after reading all the amazing testimonials about the Dominatrix Archetype workshop I just knew I had to attend. This workshop has build a really strong foundation in me as the person who I'm becoming and gave me a direction to where I am headed to. Damiana not only is a Professional Dominatrix, she is an inspiration, caring, nurturing and attentive. She went beyond her knowledge and experience to guide us and teach us all we needed to know to let out that inner dominatrix in us. Through role play scenarios, together with six handpicked volunteer submissives that attended the workshop, we where able to put on practice the different types of dominatrix archetype and skills learned over the course of the day. After the role play we where getting the most honest and constructive feedback from Damiana, the sub's and the mistresses/dominatrix/goddesses participating the workshop. I can't measure in words the level of self growth and confidence that I achieved over the weekend. In only two days Damiana, my fellow mistresses and the volunteer subs' became like a family to me. Mistress Damiana's workshop has totally exceeded my expectations. I just could not imagine leaving from there with so much insight from a professional, personal and emotional point of view. I can not recommend this experience enough."

~ Mistress Ruby, London, UK


"I came to the workshop wanting to learn some techinques and how to learn the format of a pro dom session. I wanted to find my dom name and practice with the subs. What I got was all of that and more! First of all I felt welcomed and at home by Mistress and her subs. The women in the group were amazing! It was like the universe hand picked us to come together that weekend. The biggest thing I got out of the experience is the non-tangible benefits. The permission to speak my needs and desires. Permission to make demands, set boundaries in a way that people will understand and respond to. The psychological understanding of the dom/sub relationship and seeing that in action helped me to embody what I intellectually understood. Seeing how to maintain my authentic self while being able to accommodate different subs and their needs and personalities. The skills I learned this weekend will not only help me in my pro practice but have transformed the way I communicate and feel about myself. I have more confidence and self esteem. Thank you Mistress Damiana for a life changing Experience!"

~ Divine Goddess Kali, Tampa, FL


"When I signed up for the Dominatrix Archetype workshop I was expecting to brush up on skills that I thought I already had a good grasp on. What I got was much more than I expected. This intensive hands-on workshop is suitable for any woman looking to gain confidence in their personal, professional, or kinky life. In my case, a budding pro-domme, I gained a polishing of my innate abilities, a better awareness of the psychological aspects of domination, and a refinement of technical skills. Most importantly, and unexpected, was a lasting feeling of camaraderie and closeness with my wonderful classmates and the outstanding subs that were there to give feedback and answer any and all questions. Mistress Damiana Chi is extremely knowledgeable and a very good teacher. I can attest that my time there was an experience I will never forget and I cannot wait to go back for the advanced workshop!"

~ Mistress Wendy, Spokane, WA


"Good morning Mistress Damiana!

I'm still reeling from the weekend. My realizations are expanding and deepening as my acceptance and excitement grow. It is like discovering my sexual orientation. So many things make sense now. I'm a different woman and the whole world can sense it. I'm a kinky, sadistic bitch....hear me roar!!

Thank you for all that you give. Thank you for creating such a loving and welcoming space that you share with generosity and encouragement. Thank you for mentoring me as I dive into this deep and mysterious art. I'm honored to be you domme daughter and I will protect this lineage and continue this work with integrity, grace, and love.

The power of the workshop is still flooding over me. I can't thank you enough. I've been able to let go of a shame I carried with me for a long time. I finally understand the woman I wanted to hate. I've been able to embrace her and set her free. And the fear dissolves into love. I love myself more now than I ever have before and everyone who I meet along my path will be a beneficiary of this new recognition."

With gratitude,

~ Mistress Ofelia, Santa Barbara, CA


"Mistress Damiana, I signed up for class in hopes of gaining self confidence and finding my voice. By the end of your class, I’m a different person. I discovered the roots of depression which entangled me the majority of my life. Part by Part of my soul was unraveled and freed. I am free, I am confident, I am a survivor, I have my voice. I highly recommend this class to any women needing / searching to understand herself and claim her power. As added bonus, I met five other women on their own personal journey that are now my sisters for life. Thank you for creating a safe, professional, educational environment. The hands on practicals allowed me opportunities to demonstrate competence. I’m much more confident in myself and skills. I understand now how accepting myself as I am with love healed me and will heal others. You, Mistress Damiana, directed, trained and loved me to wholeness. I’m grateful to Chi Temple trainers for honest open feedback and their constant availability. I highly recommend Mistress Damiana and Chi Temple."

~ Queen Lorelei, Tampa, FL


"From the first phone call with Mistress Damiana Chi, I was drawn to her grace, poise, and insight. As a woman, we have so few models of feminine power. A third-generation feminist and second-generation women's leadership coach, I know my role is to move the needle forward. Mistress Damiana's presence and artful teachings have gifted me and the other beautiful women of our circle the knowing of the power our sexuality holds. It is time we take this power back. I knew nothing about BDSM- besides internet searches- prior to the weekend. I now have the confidence to start holding sessions. Her subs are strong, generous-hearted individuals. The connection between Mistress Damiana and them is clearly one of deep respect and healing. I am humbled and grateful for the gift of this life-changing workshop- and thrilled to see what this next chapter holds."

~ Domina Talia Brava, Los Angeles, CA


"This course was transformational. While it provides technical show and tell aspects to each archetype, the real underlying learning comes from hands on practice in how to fully embody each archetype, incorporating light and dark aspects within each interaction. Psychological domination through words, intent, actions and presence. Simply "being" and exuding the archetypes and adapting them to each person's unique style was incredible to witness and experience.

For me this course gave me the opportunity to learn how to fully stand in my own power... confidently. And when you exude that confidence, poise and power, toys and accessories are secondary and almost superfluous.

Make no mistake this is a journey of self discovery and becoming the best most powerful version of yourself. Ultimately it's a journey of love... for yourself, the BDSM community, and your fortunate subs!"

~ Lady Lilith, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


"This course is life changing. It digs deep into your soul and pulls out your inner dominatrix. It teaches you how to explore and discover the identity of your inner domme by immersing you in knowledge and experience like no other. Mistress Damiana welcomes you into her queendom and her community as she shares her knowledge of the human psyche from the dominatrix perspective. With very little sitting around, you are engaged to observe and practice skills in a way that allows you to understand your individual level of comfort and push yourself to grow. In my own pro-domme journey, I am extremely grateful to have encountered Mistress Damiana and her unique and open spirit of training a future dominatrix to be her best dominant self. I look forward to her future courses with baited breath."

~ Mistress Victoria Wolf, Los Angeles, CA

"I am quite happy to write this testimonial for Damiana Chi's workshop. What I learned was exactly what I needed in order to advance to the next level as a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix. While researching various fetish-based educational programs I felt it was so important to find someone who'd focus a lot on teaching about the psychology of the submissive and Dominant mind. I found Mistress Damiana while listening to the Audible Original titled, 'It Burns", where she was interviewed, and after hearing her speak and finding out that she also teaches, I knew she was the ProDom I've been looking for to mentor with. The way Damiana constructed her Dominatrix Archetype curriculum is brilliant in that it's designed to help any level dominatrix connect with their inherent female power by understanding the light and dark sides of various archetypes, and how they can be applied successfully to any fetish scene. What I learned were ways to construct my scenes with a sense of confidence, order, purpose, and style. Not only was the education outstanding, but each person who attended this workshop with me instantly connected like family, and it was clear that we all were safe and supported. Damiana referred to the subs as her co-teachers and the students as her Domme daughters, which really made us all feel important and welcomed.

Damiana's workshop has far exceeded my expectations and I feel that it was well worth the time and money, not to mention that her dungeon is so sexy and fun. I am recommending these workshops to all of the divine Women in my life who I know want to level up as a powerful female force. I will be taking the Advanced BDSM workshop early next year, and I can't wait. :)"

~ Goddess Stella Sol, San Francisco, CA


"I highly recommend this workshop to everyone; pro dommes, life stylers, and all woman in general!!

Damiana Chi brings the art of domination into the light. She provides a safe, knowledgeable, clean, and loving environment to learn this misunderstood art. If you are a pro domme it will sharpen your skills and open you up to a wealth of information. If you are a life styler. It will spice up, nurture, and enhance your relationship; guaranteed !! If you are a woman it will teach you how to use and claim your innate feminine power. I recommend it for everyone. The bonds of friendship forged, the knowledge gained, and the power unleashed is priceless. Damiana Chi is unique in that she claims her power but is very classy, loving, and nurturing about it and mentors her students to do so likewise. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this workshop And Damiana Chi. I highly recommend this to everyone and I myself am so honored and excited to be apart of this, further my skills and education with her, and nurture the friendships forged."

From the bottom of my heart,

~ Mistress Misty, Salt Lake City, UT


"Attending this workshop was one of the best weekends I’ve experienced in my entire life. I felt like I could take on anything by the end of it. Damiana’s teaching style kept me fully engaged (which rarely happens) and she ensures that you learn the techniques and feel comfortable and confident in applying them. The hands on practice with real life subs was also invaluable for me. Definitely worth the investment of my time and money. I cannot wait to attend my next workshop for advanced dommes. Patiently waiting for Damiana to choose the dates :)”

~ Mistress Hailey Payne, Edmonton, Canada


"This is an exceptional class, where you not only explore different approaches to a session or your personal mentality when dominating, but Damiana shares her skills, equipment and dungeon for you to practise in. She's incredibly generous with her information, experiences and clear in her instruction. This isn't a mere sit and learn scenario, her team of wonderful submissives are there for you to practise mini sessions and everyone gives feedback and support. After 3 days I felt like I had a community of people and grew close to everyone who participated...I'm very grateful I took these classes and met Damiana. I have so much more confidence as a Domme now."

~ Miss Elle Roth, Calgary, Canada


"Recently I had the most amazing weekend of learning and connecting with like-minded women that I've ever experienced. Damiana Chi is a treasure to the world. It's difficult to write only a few words for this testimonial, but I'll try my best. Together, five of us pro dommes, who might I add have never met before the first day, learned extraordinary skills via hands-on learning during this very well paced workshop. It felt like the coursework was created just for us five women. When we were in Damiana's presence we felt right at home in her Chi Temple. We introduced ourselves and were encouraged to always ask questions. Throughout the weekend she had us participate and even help critique each other in a safe "nothing but love" environment. I was eager to be a student and came into the workshop with the "leave the ego at the door" mentality. I'm so glad I did because I had so much to learn! And the more I learn, the more I want to learn from Damiana. Everyone else there was just like me too. Seriously, I can't express how much I still feel like I'm on cloud nine, even though I took the workshop a week ago. We learned and embraced the true meaning of the four Archetypes of the Dominatrix. Damiana allowed us to ask anything and everything and she quickly became a mentor to us all. There's nothing better than having an extremely educated and well spoken woman, who's also holds a PhD in Psychology, facilitating a class who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk! And she walks with such power and grace too. Don't worry, she'll teach you that. However nothing could have prepared me for the quality of education and level of professionalism and practical learning methods of Damiana's teaching style. I actually must admit that I learned more about myself over the 3 days of the workshop and that led me to some great personal gains recently. I learned how to tap into and exude the confident existing domme that was already inside of my heart and soul. The way the workshop was formatted is exactly how schooling should be done no matter what the topic. That was to include a lesson, then show us a demonstration, followed by us taking the lead and immediately practicing what we learned. I now know how to command, suggest thoughts and tell my sub how to feel during a scene so that my he can feel the ecstasy of being in my service. The pace of the coursework was perfect. I have to say that there's a reason Damiana Chi has been in the business for almost 20 years and from the moment you meet her you'll know what I'm talking about. She has an energy to her that's indescribable. She's amazing and truly cares about each of her students and she illustrates that same virtue her submissive. I know she cares about each of them and she has a gift for connecting deeply with them. She trusted us with her very good boys throughout the weekend. Damiana hand-selected them for our demos and practice. I'm grateful to them as well. They were absolutely perfect men for playing with and getting feedback from. Actually, during our practice sessions Damiana would skillfully observe each one of us in our scenes and after the scene was over she would take us aside and provide the most accurate, truthful and positive criticism. Her advice immediately helped me grow as a more powerful domme in just a short time. I now understand the psychology of authoritarian, seductress, mother and queen dynamics so that I can be the best Dominatrix possible. I can honestly say that I've completely changed over the course of the weekend and have became more confident in my profession. I thought I was already confident as a pro domme, but now I know I am because I have the tools and education to prove it to myself. I have only been a pro domme for about 6 months and now have so many new tools in my skill set that I'm ready to unleash these upon all my subs. No pun intended. Haha. It gives me great pleasure to be worshiped but you know what, it truly gives me even more pleasure and joy knowing I'm sharing all sides of an exquisite dominatrix to my lucky and precious clients. I am proud to be a graduate of the Chi temple and I will forever be grateful for my forever domme Mother, Damiana Chi."

~ Mistress Lilly, Los Angeles, CA


"I had the most liberating experience taking The Dominatrix Archetype Workshop with Mistress Damiana Chi. The passion that she has for this craft really embodies inspiration. Her way of individuality connecting with her students is truly amazing. Whether she was speaking to the group or to me individually, she was always 100% engaged which made me feel extremely comfortable. Having the opportunity to engage in hands on experience and getting input from those involved made my experience all the more worthwhile. Her background and years of experience in psychology really made the class all the more personal. I walked out of the class with the desire to learn more from her."

~ Mistress Ronnie, Los Angeles, CA


"If you looking for a professional Domme education or to just open your mind for a significant other Mistress Damiana’s class is the perfect choice. She makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable throughout the class. She is professional yet down to earth and human. No question goes unanswered or is to silly. Everyone is made to feel like family. The training you will receive is high quality, professional and brought to you through years of training and education. She practices with passion, compassion and from the heart. I can’t say enough about my experience except I hope there are more classes to come. Thank you for sharing your knowledge."

~ Ms. Lilly, Murrieta, CA


"Mistress Damiana's course was not only incredibly informative from a skill and technical perspective, but also focused on developing the most critical element of dominance- attitude and style. You can be supremely skilled with any and all the tools and toys, but without a solid psychological understanding of how to embody dominance, they are stage props without a play. Undeniably beneficial and highly recommended!"

- Mistress Calliope, SoCal


"I am so incredibly thankful that I was able to attend The Dominatrix Archetype Workshop hosted by Mistress Damiana Chi. It took me out of my comfort zone, in the best ways, it was exactly what I needed when I needed it. All of the feedback I received from Mistress Damiana, my peers taking the workshop, as well as the submissive participants is invaluable. This weekend was nothing short of an incredible group of women yearning to explore elements of BDSM in a safe space facilitated by Mistress Damiana’s experience and love for the craft. If you are looking to become a pro Domme, dominate a romantic partner, or just delve into yourself, I can not recommend this workshop enough."

~ Goddess Rose Thorne, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


"The Dominatrix Archetype Workshop was a profoundly empowering and healing experience. Damiana is a maestra of her craft and her understanding of the submissive psyche is unparalleled. Watching her play felt surreal as she effortlessly transported a submissive from the present into fantasy. As a teacher, Damiana is incredibly nurturing and supports her students in cultivating their own unique voices. She makes an active effort to provide constructive feedback and debrief with her students after play sessions. Over the course of the weekend, I learned so much about the nuances of power-exchange, connection, and trust. Damiana’s workshop has forever changed the way I relate to myself and others. I absolutely recommend The Dominatrix Archetype to any woman who feels compelled to further cultivate her power through this craft."

~ Ms. A, Los Angeles, CA


"I am so thankful to you, Mistress Damiana, for this wonderful, amazing growth experience. You explained the four dominatrix archetypes thoughtfully, and helped me to discover my preferred style as well as to recognize the untapped aspects of my dominance. There was so much information taught, and insightful experiences shared by you and the other participants; I am sure it will take several weeks for me to integrate all of the knowledge absorbed during the workshop. I returned home from the Dominatrix Archetype Workshop full of vigor and new skills with which to thrill my love slave! He couldn’t have been more overwhelmed by the advancement of our play. I now feel so much more natural expressing my dominance, which allows my love slave to feel his submission more deeply. The weekend really helped us to grow closer in our fem/dom relationship. I hope your next workshop is just as successful as the one I attended. It was the best decision we have ever made!"

~ Mistress T., Chicago, Illinois


" I flew from Connecticut to Los Angeles especially for Mistress Damiana Chi's dominatrix archetype workshop this past month. I had signed months ago and has been eagerly anticipating it.

There are very definitive times in our life where we know that we are on the cusp of a huge shift. With awareness, we feel the edge and maybe even can feel ourselves dangling there over the precipice. That is how I came to L.A. Focused on my conscious breath because....dangling. Six women circled together with six submissives to learn with and from, all guided by Damiana. I threw myself right into the fire and the weekend was a whirlwind of play, exploration, moving with intention, and digging deep to hold space for our submissives in a way that I hadn't known how to access prior. There were heady discussions about BDSM safety and consent. We explored multiple play scenarios with feedback from not only Damiana and our sisters in circle but even more importantly, our subs. I chose this workshop specifically because Mistress Chi has her PhD in psychology. I chose it because I had spent a considerable amount of time researching my teacher. Reading, listening to reputable podcasts, and watching scholarly interviews where I listened to her speak about what it means to be a Dominatrix and how rich this life is. How therapeutic our work is. How spiritually connecting this union is capable of being. I can't properly articulate how appreciative I am for having been able able to participate and how honored I am to have been taught by Damiana. The week after coming home from my workshop was filled with so much synchronicity and affirmation. I now know unequivocally that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and doing exactly what it is that I am meant to do."

~ Ava Simone, Hartford, CT